About Apropo

Apropo is a start up consultancy that specialises in management advice and interim management.

If you are a smaller company

Apropo can help you to control or to accelerate your growth, or support you in digital transformation projects. Examples of the services we can provide are:
  • Strategy Definition: assessing your internal and external environment and defining your position.
  • Business Model Innovation: rethinking what you provide to your customers or how you do it.
  • Organisational Design: match your organisational capabilities with your objectives, optimise collaboration and decision making.
  • Process Management and Operating Model Optimisation: re-think how you handle the different activities in your organisation, standardise, build in quality, avoid waste, increase efficiency - all in line with strategy execution.
  • Digital Transformation: identification of opportunities or managing the implementation.

If you are a larger organisation

Apropo can assist you in organising your change processes or executing the changes. Our expertise focusses on managing change initiatives and change delivery.
We can help you with:
  • Project Portfolio Management: Define portfolio criteria aligned with strategic objectives, set up a portfolio management office, design portfolio governance processes.
  • Project Management: Define your project management methodology, implement a Software Development Life Cycle, Manage your projects.